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Chanel 2016 autumn and winter series of ads large glasses full version

Chanel Fall Winter 2016 release glasses large series of ads the full version, Star II Willow Smith Willow Smith should be invited to Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld brand endorsement. In front of Carl’s lens, Willow Smith’s unique shape and irresistible aura, black and white images and lead us into a new world of Chanel glasses.


The Most Popular Single Product off High-grade Couture Fashion Week

High-grade fashion week slowly dropped the curtain, the trendsetter outside the fashion week finally can have a break. But if you ask me what is the most lovable item on this year’s High Street Week Runway, I will not hesitate to tell you that is Chanel handbags. Whether it is Retro Chanel vintage bag or the popular Chanel boy and Chanel CF. Only you carry a Chanel shoulder bag, you really don’t need to worry about no one to shoot you!


Chanel CF is provided with a lot of choices in the leather, such as litchi cowhide leather, polishing leather, suede leather and lambskin leather. Generally speaking, a retro flavor of polishing leather is the most popular loved style, Chanel 2.55 flap bag is a very welcomed chain shoulder bag as well in the vintage market. Litchi pattern leather began popular style nearly two years, but there is not very much trendsetter to deduce this style on the fashion street shoot show. Little lambskin leather is generally not durable, it is too delicate that you should carefully keep it.

Secondly, to introduce the second type Chanel bag is the backpack. It is no exaggeration to say that if you want to carry out a bag that can match with Chanel backpack in the market, there is very few choices. A large part of the reason is that like Dior, Hermes is the brand have not launched the backpack. Such as LV this relatively tough old style, is really not fit for the young people’s taste.

Unexpectedly, the Chanel Boy which is fashionable for a while time seems finally have the trend of “ebb tide”. In this high-grade fashion show, Chanel boy already disappeared half of the numbers than before? From the outside posture full of Diorama shoulder bag, those ladies should be moved to the Dior. But the Chanel BOY still has its charm, after all, the Diorama models are a bit similar with Chanel Boy.

What are the Good Looking Clutch Bags Can Choose for men

It is time fro discount, this time you can relax your wallet, because there are a lot of things are also worth buying during the discount, especially some of the classic models of the big brands, it is the time for more cost-effective. Today’s sharing is a good-looking Chanel clutch bag, I do not know your preference, but these are styles mostly I want to. Men are generally more rational shopping, so they will prefer the good quality, classic style although expensive but the price is relatively worthy, which can use for a few years, people don’t mind buying too strongly seasonal models with logos, like a lot of styles of adore joy handbags are the quite worth recommending.


Monogram pattern now is more and more stylish, and this bag is absolutely not out of date, even recently do not want to use to put away, the bag is still fashionable, but there seems to be a new texture when you take out after two years. The pattern should be classic, besides color also should be chose the classic, if you think the above two have a little old, following this clutch bag will be your food, big blue V decoration make bag become younger.

This cheap Chanel bag is very nice which the leather is relatively hard and texture is great, and overall style is black, but with different brightness leather stitching, creating a sense of hierarchy, twine plaid also recently became the brand’s classic pattern, stitching together the clutch bag is very popular. There are many classic cartoon clutch bag, Meepo Bambi and puppy pattern is used to be popular, but recently the basketball like clutch bag is quite interesting, love street style people can refer to. In addition, if you choose you clutch bag, you should remember that the style should be simple and the leather should be quite full of texture as well as the whole style should be chic and handsome.

The Best CHANEL Handbag as a Christmas Gift

Golden bag equipped with strass and CC look cheap Chanel has launched a series of colorful winter accessories for Christmas holiday. Dramatic handbag series complete the new interpretation based on the classic Chanel design, the black satin, twill tweed or bright colors, distribute seductive charm. Choose a Chanel symbolic handbag the ideal accessories to create a perfect style. The multiple color tweed handbag decorated with a group of fantasy creatures ornaments, bring out fresh flavor. Chanel handbag replica made of red patent leather, which embellished a golden inlaid Rhinestone, in addition,the modern elegant texture exudes cheerful atmosphere.


Red patent leather Mademoiselle bag
The Chanel wallet series designed by Carle Lagerfeld reflects the innovation that transcends time, exudes irresistible charm. Wallet produced by rare leather, unique handmade and shine dazzling color cuddly, reflecting Chanel the unique adhering artistic aesthetics since born on Kang Peng street. From the patent to rare leather, from the soft pink to eye-catching enthusiastic red, from delicate Camellia flower floating decorative motifs to classic plaids pattern, the wallet series is full of infinite variety of fun and surprises.

In addition, Chanel Christmas holiday special series includes a beautifully printed silk scarf, blue green feather decoration twill tweed Camellia brooch, white satin eyepatch, each type is very thoughtful gift. Gorgeous costume jewelry is also not to be missed, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings bring out luxury fairy tale feelings, pearl luster, black, white, light green or light purple pearls are flashing gentle and romantic gloss. The workmanship Rhine decorative stone gold earrings is very exquisite, filled with light and luxurious breath.

2.55 Series of Chanel Handbags Turned into Collections, the Sooner, the Better

According to official confirmation, the prices of Chanel globally increase from April 14th, once the news out, a great number of Wechat users crazily transfer in their friend circles, the person who is holding a few Chanel bags would be quite happy, buying a bag is simply a fashionable investment and collection. As soft gold, Chanel will rise prices every year, the average price of this classic handbag rose more than 15%, the classic 2.55 models has breakthrough forty thousand yuan, hurry to see how much Chanel in your hand now?


Until 2005, Chanel in honor of 2.55 bag’s 50th birthday, the old Carl launched the first generation engraved version of the reissue, which is the official name of 2.55 handbags. The redesigned 2.55 is called reissued, since then, the 2.55 Chanel handbags replica all we brought are reissued, so far, the original 2.55 has been no longer exist, except can be found in some of the second-hand bags stores . In the material, reissued 2.55 used a special leather, more than a cow leather, makes a retro effect of the old, relatively good care.

In the 1980s Lafayette improved the Chanel 2.55 handbag, the small buttons changed into a pair of C decorations, interspersed with leather in the original pure metal straps, but also improve the cortex. New 2.55 was born, known as Chanel Classic Flap. Since then, the price of this bag is like a rocket soaring! In 2010, a American blogger wrote that she bought a Classic Flap, a month later, the handbag was rose 345 dollars more. Two years later in 2012, her bag had become the price of $ 4900.

When Chanel Meets the Boy Style

The founder of Chanel founded Chanel brand in 1913 in Paris, because the liberation of women the brand has passed a full hundred years and is still thriving. In addition to the little black dress, black coat, thick flower of coat, after Chanel 2.55 bags across a century of history, Lafayette finally created classic handbag belong to him after the birth of 56 years: Chanel Le boy. The bold subversion traditional flexible concept with its simple and elegant design very popular and pursued by all over the world trendy, become a new generation of the IT bag.

Chanel 2.55 bags

This series of bags comes from the hunting cartridges used by Cocoa Chanel when she was young women, Chanel Boy bag adopted the elegant simplicity of high quality leather, smooth texture, and has launched a variety of different sizes and designs: from small hands to the large size of handbags. No matter dark red or black or full grey, lead green or bright ivory. All colors of the cheap Chanel handbags are delicate to breathtaking, filled with noble breath of the vintage style. The simple lines design of Boy Chanel full of classic elements everywhere.

Chanel 2.55 bags

Its low-key introverted accompanying with slightly boy temperament, full of unique style of metal chain links with large round chains, exuding a feeling of vintage bronze metal texture; rectangular flipped -cover decorated with suture trim, the six letters of ‘Chanel’ at the handbag top side lightly floating. The design of bag buckles’ inspiration comes from structuralism, possessing the ancient gold and silver metal color, the double C logo lock is located in the bag buckles median which causing infinite desire for Chanel legend. This series classic Chanel bag includes large tote bag, chain bag, wallet and other styles, in addition, there are Chanel classic black and white, and stable sense of grey and passion red color like the flame for options.

2015 necessary item, Chanel clutch bag

I used to be a quiet person, but in 2015, it is time to have a new image. Just open my closet, it seems that I am not a fashion icon, the main colors in my wardrobe are white and black, even I think myself a boring person. I want to get rid of this image in the party next week, and I should start to prepare now. The necessary items are: a beautiful evening dress, and a delicate clutch.

Diane Kruger Chanel Lego Clutch Red

I always dream to be a ‘Chanel’ girl, I finally made my dream come true at fake Chanel handbags outlet online store. I bought two replica Chanel clutch bags this time. One is the Chanel cream white mini clutch, it is made of lambskin leather; the other is black and white lego chain clutch, I especially fancy the chain shoulder strap design the most, in addition to be my evening bag, I can carry it at my daily time.

Diane Kruger Chanel Lego Clutch Red

This was my first time to shop at this website, and I felt satisfied with anything. The process details of the Chanel clutches replica are extremely well. It is a perfect choice for me to use it to match my evening dress. All right, now, I am ready to be a party queen next week!

Looking Amazing – Replica Chanel handbags Hot

replica Chanel bag

I assume that no one doesn’t know Kim Kardashian if you read fashion magazines some time. She is well known as a fashion icon and a collector of luxury handbags. It was reported that she had tons of luxury handbags in her wardrobe. And lots of them are limited edition, like Chanel handbags.

replica Chanel bag

Well, if you’re like me and want to know where you can get Kardashian style for less, I happen to know a place where you can purchase your own Chanel bag today. Think it’s too good to be true? Check out this link and you will be pleasantly surprised! Yes, site is chalk full of great replica handbags, and yes, you can get your own replica Chanel bag at a great price!

replica Chanel bag

Chanel knockoff handbags are perfect for those of us who aren’t in the position to buy a designer bag, but still want to get the same great style as our beloved celebrities. What are you waiting for? Pick up you imitation Chanel handbags now!


In 1954 Coco Chanel made a very successful comeback to the fashion industry, she then decided to renew the handbag that she has released in the 1920’s for the second time.

The new bag is called: 2.55, named after the date of creation.The Reissue 2.55 is more than just a handbag, it’s a true iconic with a history, and it represents Chanel. Every detail about the bag has a story, including the Mademoiselle lock.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag

And now that Karl Lagerfeld has designed the Reissue 2.55 in Tote edition, the collection is almost complete. So we have:The Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag (in four different sizes and depending on the season different leathers and embellishment).

And finally, for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection act 1, the Chanel Reissue 2.55 Tote Bag.

Mirroring the original design, there are three critical elements embellished:
1). The lady-like thin chain links in vintage golden hardware.
2). The Mademoiselle lock, in reference to Coco Chanel for never marrying.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag

So what do you think? Is this bag worth your money? Do you like it?

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag


If you can not afford the real one, you can shop the replicas at replica Chanel handbags online store now. The newest Chanel imitation handbags 2015 are available to buy now.

Forever classic,Chanel handbags

Chanel Classic Bags

Whether you’ve been awaiting the Texas-inspired bags of the Chanel Metiers d’Art 2014 collection with rapt anticipation or wishing that they had never happened to begin with, you certainly haven’t forgotten that they exist in the six months since the collection made its much-talked-about (and somewhat controversial) Dallas debut. Now the bags, along with the rest of the collection, are available for purchase at Chanel boutiques worldwide, or you can buy it online,what’s more a fake Chanel handbag might be OK.

Chanel Classic Bags

The bags are notable, of course, but also notable is that Chanel seems to have walked back its decision to share its pricing with the public, as it had done for the past two collections. Chanel Bag has always been an idol of every woman in every opportunity. Chanel bag always manages to pull out each stole the hearts of the women in the world. Exclusive design, elegance and luxury is typical of Chanel.

Chanel Classic Bags

Chanel has driven a lot of women into crazy,some cannot afford try to have fake Chanel bags to fit their outfit.Because Chanel always knew how to make a woman look with the perfect bag and the replica ones are as the same as the real ones. Combine appearance with bags from Chanel to make you perform perfectly and naturally elegant.